Picture of Martin Tale

It's a-me.. 😂

I love my work and things I have built.. Including, websites, products and apps for myself and others to use and enjoy.. 🙂

In my spare time, I follow IT news and expand my view on many topics. Some of these are business, marketing, user experience, web, and mobile. I always improve my technical skills in different fields. Whether it's learning new tools/services or development using a new programming language/framework.

For relaxation, I usually spend time with my dog or friends. Other than that I enjoy board games, rock climbing, snowboarding, skating and many more activities I do irregularly.

Truth about my name.. 🤔

Going straight to the point.. My real name is Ervīns Jekovičs but I have been going with Martin Tale for many years now.. The reason I decided to make a switch was due to people not pronouncing it properly, outside of Latvia..

I always thought it was pretty cool to have a stage name and I love it.. 😂