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I have worked in several tech-related companies at all levels and gained experience in all parts of the business world. Currently, I develop and manage many exciting startup projects while also working for a fin-tech startup Fly Now Pay Later as a tech consultant.

Work experience

Tech Consultant

Fly Now Pay Later Limited
London, United Kingdom

Fly Now Pay Later lets you pay for your flights in installments (loan/credit). Making travel much more viable. Especially when there is a great deal for flights but you don't have enough funds to buy it straight away.

Since I joined the company has grown over 10 times and continues to accelerate growth on all fronts. I consult everything IT related that affects the whole company and its further development. Starting with internal IT system implementation for all departments to product feature and system planning. In addition, I'm involved in critical system development, testing, and maintenance.


Love and Coffee Limited
Coventry, United Kingdom

We provide all must have services to new and growing startups as well as invest in them. Starting with prototype or MVP development that's cost-effective and rapid to get out in the market as soon as possible. Help you find product-market fit, direction and growth strategy for your business before and after it has launched. As well as, providing support and maintenance for your existing projects.

Chief Technology Officer

Efumo, Ltd
Riga, Latvia
I worked on...
  • improving IT infrastructure to seamlessly work with multiple projects in the company,
  • streamlining existing development process with continuous integration/deployment tools,
  • and improving the workflow for every party (50+ employees) involved in the development cycle and business.
I was...
  • creating architecture for complicated projects that solve problems with international project scale,
  • planning and implementing integrations with third-party services, internal service communication, and security,
  • foreseeing any problems that might arise during and after development, so it is as fluent as possible.

I oversaw the development and making sure that set rules are followed or improved upon to deliver high-quality systems for our clients.

As for the short term responsibilities - estimation of project costs, scope and complexity. I consult and help with complicated features and problem resolution during development. Evaluating skills, knowledge and potential new recruits during job interviews and their performance from then on.

Senior Software Engineer

Z Software Solutions, Ltd
Manchester, United Kingdom

I was developing a new solution that processes payrolls (and related services like personal tax relief), communications and other sensitive user data that need to be secure and reliable for businesses and their users. I took part in the full development cycle of that project - from planning to production and maintenance stages. Improving existing system by optimizing MySQL backend that works with big data sets (millions of rows), which were the main bottleneck in the system. Creating reporting tools for internal and external usage by our clients. I was involved in re-branding Zeva Suite as well as creating presentation tools to demonstrate and sell our products and services. In addition, we started working on Android/iOS app for our client employees to use that tracks their timesheets, expenses and other related items, that are synced and used for payment calculations, tax relief and reports created for clients.

Lead Developer

Exorte, Ltd
Riga, Latvia - repurposed

I was working on the full life cycle of projects. Starting from communication with clients and project specification design to application development, testing and project final delivery as well as maintenance. Successfully finished several projects meeting deadlines and budget available for them. Introduced version control with GIT and other tools for seamless collaboration with other developers. Initiated change to start using new web technologies like CSS3 and HTML5 in development as well as implemented the use of new PHP framework Laravel for some existing projects and all new ones.

Web Developer

Softlinch, Inc
Riga, Latvia

I was maintaining both products (similar to Groupon and Pinterest). I was designing and implementing new features as well as developing bespoke versions of the products per client request. Both pieces of software were built on top of the Code Igniter framework. Some of the features I built was easy to use payment system and deep social network integration.


Riga, Latvia

I developed several scripts in PL/SQL for Oracle E-Business Suite. Designed normalized databases with over 50 tables. I organized work and taught programming basics to training programmers. This position was a great learning experience. I learned more about database systems, Agile software development and Oracle tools.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

University of Latvia - Riga, Latvia

High School Education

Ogres Gimnazija - Ogre, Latvia


  • Latvian – mother tongue
  • English – excellent in writing, reading and communication
  • Russian – excellent in reading, fair in writing and communication


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